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Experience the difference in your maternity care with Montrose Midwife.  We offer, in addition to  standard obstetric care, continual care with one midwife throughout your pregnancy.  Prenatal visits are a one-on-one hour meeting and review of nutrition, exercise, state of heart and mind, as well as the standard vitals, and necessary labs.  Your baby’s well-being is assessed through palpation, belly measurement, and heart monitoring with a Doppler or the less-invasive fetoscope.  Children and family are always welcome.  Care is discussed and directed by mother and midwife together.  Referrals for ultrasound can be made as needed or desired.  

The birth of your baby is a sacred rite of passage that Montrose Midwife recognizes and honors.  We view labor and birth as natural processes unique to each baby and mother. A professional-grade birth tub is offered to all clients with no additional fee should you desire a water birth.  Each birth is attended by Tawnya and another senior midwife or registered nurse to assure that both mother and baby receive the most optimal care.  We bring the skills and equipment necessary to manage neonatal resuscitation, CPR, suturing, and hemorrhage.  

You will receive exceptional postpartum care with Montrose Midwife.  We want to make sure your and your baby’s transition is blessed well with rest, support, successful breastfeeding, and complete healing.  We come to you the day following and two weeks after the birth, followed by office visits at four and six weeks.  Newborn screenings for baby and a pap smear for mom are offered during your postpartum care. 

The knowledge about how to give birth is born within every woman: women do not need to be taught how to give birth but rather to have more trust and faith in their own body knowledge.
— Birthworks

We accept late-transfers, VBAC, first-time families, grand families, and experienced home birthers.  Call today to discuss your birth options with Montrose Midwife. 


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