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She believed she could and so she did


I bring a relaxed, well-rounded style of care that embraces the natural process of birth while attentively guarding what is healthy and safe for mother and baby. I am excited to meet you and to begin this empowering journey of pregnancy and birth with your growing family!  Blessed birth to all!

My name is Tawnya Schiebel and I am the owner and chief midwife of Montrose Midwife.  I am passionate to offer families optimal and empowering choices in their care and birth.  My birth attendance and experience over the past 11 years is dynamic and includes: home births, water births, VBACs, late-transfers, large families, menonite communities, rural homes, and births in a high-volume, medical district birth center.

My journey to midwifery began as a child.  I would sit on the floor at my mother’s library and spend hours looking through her books on gynecology, baby care, and herbal remedies.  During playtime I encouraged friends to push their baby out and “caught” the cabbage patch kid between their knees.  As an adolescent, I was the friend my peers looked to for a deeper understanding of the menstrual cycle and how pregnancy occurs.  While researching for a final essay in college I finally found the name for what I had always aspired to be: Midwife!  A few more years of international travel and a brief life in France passed before I returned to my hometown, San Antonio, TX to commit to becoming a midwife.  

I received the Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training Program scholarship in 2006 and was fortunate to complete a 2 year apprenticeship with eight different licensed midwives in the San Antonio area that included births in rural, metropolis, and birth center settings.  I graduated in 2009 as “Student of the Year” with honors.  My first child was born that year at home with midwives.

Following the home birth of my second child, my family moved from Texas to the Montrose Colorado area.  When I am not catching babies you can find me hiking canyons, swimming rivers, tending garden, dancing my buns off, and singing my heart out with family and friends.   

Tawnya Schiebel, Chief Registered Midwife and owner of Montrose Midwife

Just as a woman’s heart knows how and when to pump, her lungs to inhale, and her hand to pull back from fire, so she knows when and how to give birth. 
— Virginia DiOrio

What new mothers are saying...

"Tawnya Schiebel is a great midwife. My husband and I really appreciate how her medical expertise made us feel safe, comfortable, and excited about our home birth plans. Knowing that she would be with us from the beginning through the end of pregnancy built trust and Tawnya quickly became a part of the family. She was instrumental in awakening us as new parents, as well as, embracing the power and inherent nature of childbirth. We shared the same vision in bringing a child into this world-to be healthy, educate ourselves about the process, and let it be a spiritual experience. Her support allowed me to have a peaceful birth along with my husband and her fellow midwife. She inspired us. Her vast experience, and her love and respect for women, their bodies, and their abilities empowered me as a new mama. Her midwifery care enhanced bonding within our family and we are still reaping the long lasting benefits for our mind, body and spirit. Tawnya is truly gifted and we are so happy to be a healthy mother and father in sync with our healthy baby. I can't wait to do it again!" - Michelle S.


"It was a dream to have Tawnya as my midwife for my second child. I got the best customized care from her since day 1, she is beyond a midwife, a trusted partner with so much knowledge and compassion. The home water birth was incredible! My baby was posterior so while we worked hard, Tawnya knew perfectly what needed to be done and what I needed to hear to empower me and my family. We recommend Four Hands Midwifery with utmost pride and love because we know Tawnya is one of the best midwives you can find." - Marisa O.


"I felt completely safe with Tawnya as my midwife as well as empowered to make my own decisions. She is a very kind and caring person with a wealth of knowledge that she shares in a compassionate way. She's also just a person I liked being around which is important since you spend a lot of time with your midwife. I would not hesitate to have Tawnya's support, care and expertise again. Absolutely loved it!" - Toni D.